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Bumpy edges on placemats

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    Bumpy edges on placemats

    OK, I have a question here for all you brilliant and wonderful people on here that seem to have the answer to everything.

    I made some placemats. They look really nice and all, but the edges of them are bumpy. They don't lay flat on the table. I used 100% cotton fabric to make them and I did a double leaf echo quilting pattern on them. I used polyester batting on them. I never use polyester batting, but someone gave me some and I figured that I would at least try using it. I didn't like to touch it. It does not have a pleasing texture to it like the soft cotton I am used to.

    This is the first time that I have ever made quilted placemats and it is also the first time I ever used poly batting. It was also my first time doing echo quilting. Lots of firsts, huh? Well, I figured placemats were a nice small project to try some new things.

    What went wrong?

    PS- I haven't ventured into posting photos yet.
    My user name is FunkiQuilter, but you can call me Funki for short. (Pronounced Funky.) I inherited the name from my cousin because of my love for unusual things.

    Re: Bumpy edges on placemats

    I am really curious to know the answer to this as well but, I think they ( all the experienced,advance people) would more than likely need to see the photo as well to help you out so we can all learn. I like to learn from others too so I know what not to do and help others by telling them what I have done and what doesn't work too. Wendi :mrgreen: