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    Shop Hops

    Hi! I'm new to the forum and to quilting. I'm an accomplished knitter but that has aggravated some issues with my hands, so now I'm learning quilting!

    So with my new found obsession, I've been lurking garage and estate sales and I came across a batch of "shop hop" blocks from 2003 - 2009. If you're not familiar, here in Washington, the organization gets a couple fabric designers to design a theme and two accent fabrics. One bolt of each is sent to each participating shop and they're to come up with a unique block using and providing the fabrics. Over the course of a long weekend, the idea is to shop hop and pick up the free blocks and spend lots and lots of money supporting local quilting shops.

    None of them had been completed, and they all came with most of the fabric needed. I thought this was a quilting university in a box! There are probably 15 -20 or more blocks per year.

    What I'm discovering as I do these blocks is, from watching the Missouri Star Quilt Company Tutorials, that there must be an easier way to do just about everything in these blocks. Regardless I most certainly am getting that education in a box. I'll have to supplement with coordinating fabrics to wind up with a quilt for any of them.

    Any tips for me? I'm just painstakingly following the instructions with varying degrees of success. Anyone have undone shop hops they want to sell (or unload) for those years so I can actually make a quilt?

    I wish I knew who this lady was. The estate sale personnel said the couple was going into a retirement home. I would love to let her know that her quilting passion was being respected and was igniting mine.


    Re: Shop Hops

    Welcome to the forum! I don't have much advice except to continue watching Jenny as well as others on Youtube and just ABSORB EVERYTHING! Once I found Jenny within the month I started quilting, I watched about 300 of her videos in ONE weekend!

    I then went on to watching Fons & Porter videos, Miss Marker videos, and others on Youtube.

    If your blocks each focus on a particular pattern (flying geese, lob cabin, the various star formations, etc.), I would suggest you put those patterns in the search bar on Youtube and maybe find resources that way. If you have the name and year of the block, heck ... try searching for "Video tutorial for ...".

    Best wishes!
    Blessings, DramaMama

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      Re: Shop Hops

      I would use this as an opportunity to try different techniques and find the methods you like best. Templates, strip piecing, foundation piecing, English paper piecing, etc. That was a great find. Sounds like a really cool introduction to quilting!


        Re: Shop Hops

        I want to welcome you to the forum from Massachusetts.


          Re: Shop Hops

          Welcome from Tacoma!!! What part of Washington are you in?

          The shop hop involves several shops, I would say 70, maybe more. Each shop has a different block they design using the same fabrics as everyone else, all along the same theme. Go to one of your local quilt shops and grab one of the booklets (they are free) with all the shops listed that take part in it. Some of them may still have the coordinating fabrics if they over ordered. I know I have bought fabric a couple years old and when someone sees it, they make a comment about it being from such and such shop hop.

          You should be able to google Washington shop hop 2010, 2011, etc to find a picture of all the blocks and that may help you out as well.

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