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Quilting with silk

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    Quilting with silk

    I've just got back from New year in Oman and bought some incredible silk for half the price you can buy cotton in the UK! My boyfriend's sister just got engaged and was buying fabric for her wedding dress while we were all on holiday together so I sneakily bought some matching silk to make a quilt for a wedding present.

    I've used silk for dressmaking before but I'm still new to quilting and was wondering if anyone had made a quilt out of silk. Are there any special techniques I should use? Do I just cut and sew away as normal?

    I'm really nervous because it's a 6000 mile round trip to the shops for more fabric if I mess up!
    Quilting through the dull times

    Re: Quilting with silk

    I know nothing about quilting with silk but good luck. That is a far away place for more.. Wendi
    I don't think I would be brave enought to sew silk ...