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1/2" Cotton Twill Tape ??

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    1/2" Cotton Twill Tape ??

    Hello All ... Happy Tuesday

    I've seen this stuff (this twill tape) on this site and have been kinda haha to ask about it ...

    I can't figure it out ...
    What in the world do you use it for ?

    Mom always says, If you don't know, ASK!

    Thanks for taking it easy on this 'rookie quilter'!!

    Love Ya! Steff
    Try to be Optimistic Today ... It really can't be ALL bad.

    Daddy always Said : Don't say "Can't"!

    Mom always says 2 things :
    (1) If You Don't Know, Ask.
    (2) If You Don't Ask, You Don't Get.

    Husband Jack teaches me regularly :
    (1) If you don't know what to say, don't say anything.

    Just a little something to think about today.

    Re: 1/2" Cotton Twill Tape ??

    Twill tape is very sturdy and some of us sew our banners onto the twill tape for hanging. It comes in different widths. In another application, it is often used when making roman shades for windows. Some fabric companies tie up their layer cakes and charm packs with twill tape with their name and logo printed on it. It makes cute ribbon for small quilty gifts.

    It's totally fine for you to ask. There is no such thing as a dumb question around here.

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Re: 1/2" Cotton Twill Tape ??

      Twill tape is often used in sewing garments to stabilize seams. It can be used to make a casing so elastic can be inserted. I used to make i.d. labels for my dad's clothing at the nursing home. Name & room # written with sharpie marker and hand sewn to the garment. It has many uses but mostly for home sewing, rather than quilting.


        Re: 1/2" Cotton Twill Tape ??

        I've also wondered that! I got some in a "grab bag" at the thrift store. No idea what to do with it, but it is in the "trims" drawer.

        My take on the "ask" issue? I raised my kids on "Ask..all they can do is tell you "no". They won't take your first born!


          Re: 1/2" Cotton Twill Tape ??

          I love it and just bought some while in Hamilton. I use it for name tags in my costumes. Hard to find cotton twill tape, most is poly and frays like crazy. It is very useful in corset making. Cinches you in really good!


            Re: 1/2" Cotton Twill Tape ??

            I use twill tape as mentioned above but I also found an extra good use for mine. I use it to make the ties for aprons. Some pre-printed apron panels will give you extra to make the ties, but I prefer the twill as it is strong, durable and I can custom make the size for my rather 'round' middle.
            Sandy B.
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