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"Patriotic Star Block Swap!

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    "Patriotic Star Block Swap!


    I haven't been keeping up with the "Forum" since I've been in Richmond. I have to go to the local library to use my laptop. I'm wondering what's going on with PDJewelry Lady? I thought I saw something about eye surgery. Could someone fill me in? I contacted her to see if she received my Patriotic Star blocks but I haven't heard anything back. Is she doing okay?

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    Re: "Patriotic Star Block Swap!

    We haven't heard much from her since her surgery. Her last post was the 18th in the group. It seems that she was waiting on blocks from someone that mailed them the 19th. I've never gotten word that mine made it to her either.
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      Re: "Patriotic Star Block Swap!

      I hope she's doing OK since her surgery. Probably just taking a much need break to help recouperate!

      Hope You're Feeling Better Real Soon Suzy!!
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