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Question about sizing

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    Question about sizing

    I am going through my projects list and have decided to start on a full-size quilt for my sister. The problem is this; I am stumped as to what measurements to go on. Her full size bed is the standard 75"x54" full size.

    I want to have enough length on the sides so that the quilt will lay nicely, but I don't want to add so much length that it becomes bulky or ends up sagging down to the floor.

    Has anyone completed a quilted comforter before?

    Re: Question about sizing

    This can vary depending on what book you are looking at, ultimately it is up to you and how you want the quilt to fall on the bed. Here are some sizes suggested by a few different people:

    Crib 50 x 53"
    Twin 75" x 98"
    Double 83 x 106"
    Queen 90 x 106"
    King 107 x 108"

    Commercial Comforter Sizes
    Twin 65" x 88"
    Double 80" x 88"
    Queen 86" x 93"
    King 104" x 93"

    Bedspread Sizes with longer drop
    Twin 81" x 107"
    Double 96" x 107"
    Queen 102" x 112"
    King 120" x 112"

    The batting you choose will also determine how the quilt lays and falls on the bed (stiff coming off the sides versus really soft and curving with the bed. Poly battings will be really puffy like a comforter).
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      Re: Question about sizing

      If you have access to your sister (and/or her bed), I would suggest using a measure tape and just measuring across from where you want the quilt to hang.
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        Re: Question about sizing

        I agree with Summer. Since there is no such thing as a standard size matress anymore, the only way you can be sure is to actually measure the mattress, allowing for the sides plus a couple of extra inches because the quilting process shrinks you quilt a little bit.

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          Re: Question about sizing

          Whatever you decide add a little bit extra for shrinkage. I always find that quilting draws them in a little (2 to 4 inches, for hand quilting) and washing after the quilt is used can take some off too.