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Making a Fleece Quilt, have a few questions...

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    Making a Fleece Quilt, have a few questions...

    I'm a beginning quilter and I'm making a quilt for my sister who is ill. I decided to make it a fleece quilt, mainly cuz she sleeps with her dogs, and I thought it would be simple to wash. But what I don't know is...when you begin with fleece, what should I back and stuff it with?
    The fleece itself is warm. I thought maybe a flannel sheet on the back, and just stick in the ditch, or do I need something in the middle as well. Is there anything else I should be aware of? I've already figured out the ironing 1/4" seams doesn't really lay flat. I would appreciate any help.

    Re: Making a Fleece Quilt, have a few questions...

    I have used fleece as a backing for quilts but have never made one completely out if it. If you piece a top out of cotton or flannel and back it with fleece you really don't need batting. The quilt will be plenty warm.

    The downside is dog hair will stick REAL bad to fleece.
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      Re: Making a Fleece Quilt, have a few questions...

      I made my brother a fleece quilt used the Fight Block for top as he was fighting Cancer. He had 5 happy years and really enjoyed his comfort quilt oops forgot no batting. I feel like even light weight batting makes fleece too warm, of course, I live in GA.


        Re: Making a Fleece Quilt, have a few questions...

        Pixquilt. I'm new too and just completed a queen size fleece quilt. Here's some tips I learned from everyone here and at my local quilt guild:
        1) Backing - if you use flannel or cotton you should prewash it because it will shrink and the fleece won't. I used fleece for the back too.
        2) Batting (stuffing as you called it) - with the fleece you don't need it because the fleece is so thermally warm. I just sewed the top and back together (right sides together) all the way around except for a small part so I could turned it right side out, then stitched up the last bit.
        3) Quilting - because I had so much trouble sewing with the fleece (see #4 below) I decided not to quilt it. I "tied" it in several places with embroidery cotton.
        4) Sewing with Fleece - I had a heck of a time. The fleece kept stretching and getting pushed down by the needle into the feed dogs and bobbin area getting everything all tangled up. Here's the solutions I learned on this forum: when you start sewing place a small (1"x1" +/-) piece of paper under the fleece when you first start sewing. It's just at the beginning that things got jammed. The paper stops the jamming (most of the time) and is easy to pull off after. Also, lengthen your stitches a little and sew slowly.

        You shouldn't have any problems. I'll be very curious to see your finished project. Here's mine....

        Good luck! And enjoy the process!

        I got a sewing machine for my husband. Good trade, huh!?!


          Re: Making a Fleece Quilt, have a few questions...

          Thank yawl so much for your responses--Bakermom, I had not thought about the dog hair...oh well, good thing it will be washable, Barbara, my sister is also fighting Cancer, I also felt batting would be too much.
          Nancy, invaluable tips. Your quilt looks great! I am going to use flannel for the backing, and will wash it before-hand. Was the double fleece really hot? I started to sew the fleece, and so far have had no problem. I am using a ball point needle and a slightly longer stitch. I will try stitching in the ditch, if that doesn't work--tying it is!
          I'll try and post a picture when I finish (which has to be soon, I'm gonna go see me Sis on the 21st)


            Re: Making a Fleece Quilt, have a few questions...

            Hi Everyone...
            ~Pixquilt~ Thank-U sooo Much for Posting this!
            Resently I asked myself this question- "Has anyone "Dared" to use Fleece fabric for a backing?"
            And VOILA!! I found My answer here.
            Gracias~ Merci~Gratsi!~ Sionara Wait a minute that's not right!

            ~Loonwatcher~.... OUTSTANDING Notations! Thanx... This will help so much.
            I'm giving you an
            A++++ and an EXTRA 5 CREDITS for the PIC! Looks very Nice and "COMFY"
            :icon_popcorn:~When life throws you scraps make a quilt.~