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Marking Blocks for Quilting

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    Marking Blocks for Quilting

    I have just finished my first quilt top! It is a quilt for my daughter for Christmas and I don't want to screw it up!

    I want to do some hand quilting on the alternate blocks. I'm going to use a heart. It is a cream background with light mint green polka dots.

    I want to know what I should use to draw the design on? My DSIL has used a regular #2 pencil before...but I'm a little leary of doing that as I'm not too sure it would wash out. Her project was a much darker and busier fabric and you can't even see the pencil lines.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm just waiting for some border material to come in the mail and when I have that attached I'll be ready to quilt...

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    Re: Marking Blocks for Quilting

    I use chalk to long as you do not iron it, the chalk will come out (or off).
    I have used the disapearing ink markers with mixed results! It disapeared almost immediately!! or it never did!!
    Granted I have not been doing this very long all...and I may have just used a bad brand or something, but I do like my chalk!!
    Good luck and be sure to post some pics when you are done!!


      Re: Marking Blocks for Quilting

      I would stay away from pencil as it may not wash out. My best advice is to take a scrap of the fabric you want to quilt and mark on it with several things. Whichever washes out the best is what I would go for. Remember that ironing before washing will often change the washability.

      I have used WASHABLE crayola fine tip markers in the past and they have come out just fine. On lighter fabrics I would use the paler colors. Again test washability before using them. I have tried the air soluble markers and they disappeared too quickly for me. I like the ones that disappear with moisture. A quick spritz from the spray bottle usually does the trick if you don't make heavy marks.
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        Re: Marking Blocks for Quilting

        I have been using chalk. The talk lately about the markers is BAD!!!! At my last needler's meeting they were discussing them. (Market Street Needlers is a sewing, knitting, crocheting, embroidery, or anything else you can do with a needle group that meets in my area.) Some of the markers that were used on quilts and disappeared very well in the beginning are starting to show their ugly lines now, sometimes YEARS later. Now I am afraid to use them. This information was brought about by stories in quilting magazines. I believe they said the magazines were out of Australia. The high heat and humidity there probably don't help the situation.

        I use chalk pencils for marking lines and freehand stuff.
        I use loose chalk in little scrap muslin bags for stencils. (Just pounce the bag on top of the stencil that is on your fabric.)
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