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    Help needed

    HI everyone,
    I am new to quilting and have absolutely fallen in love with this site. I am in need of some assistance. My daughter is getting married next August 2015, and I would love to create a quilt for she and her future husband. I am a novice so have been looking at some of the easier quilt patterns. So far a rail fence or disappearing 9 block have piqued my interest the most, but the coin style also interests me. She would love an Ombre styled coin quilt, I believe. The colors they like most are browns and teals. I would like to fashion a quilt using these colors and using jelly rolls if possible. I am having a hard time finding Jelly rolls that will coordinate and also need to know how many to purchase for a queen sized bed quilt. Please offer any and every suggestion you have and pictures of your own successes are certainly welcome! Thank you!

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    I think this new line is pretty -

    Don't know if that is what you had in mind or not.

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      Re: Help needed

      I did this quilt recently with the brown tones and teal...I love that color combo. Not knowing your comfort level I'm not sure what pattern to try...but the rail one or the D9P would be nice.

      Welcome to the forum by the way!
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        Re: Help needed

        I'd go for batiks. They look fancy and colourful even with an "easy" pattern. Also, you can order them quite easily and producing a nice ombre look. You might not be able to buy them all in exactly the colours you have invisioned, so you might have to look for fat quarters/half yards.
        One example: (more blue tones)
        or on etsy: Batik Fat Quarter Bundle Water Blues Fabric by BrensanSupply

        Edit: just found this one here:
        It's not with brown, but black and I think you'd be able to achieve a nice ombre effect as well.
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          Re: Help needed

          Hi and welcome to the forum! What an exciting project this will be! Usually it takes 2 jelly rolls to make a queen quilt. By doing the coin pattern, You might get by with a little less, but maybe not.

          What about trying a French Braid quilt? It is slightly more complicated than a coin, but not that much more difficult. It lends itself very well to the ombre look.

          Our forum member Rhonda Matsker has done a lot of these, and they are beautiful.

          Here is a Stonehenge jelly roll that they got into the shop that has the colors you were looking for! Good luck in making your quilt!

          I just got that jelly roll that Cat77 just recommended, it is beautiful and if you could find a similar one in browns, it would be a great combination.
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            Re: Help needed

            KeepSakeQuilting has beautiful Teal and Brown batiks.

   jelly rolls
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            Thank you,

            Ginny K


              Re: Help needed

              Hi what an exciting project ,
              I love The Colours that you picked a Dresden plate quilt makes a beautiful wedding present .Dont forget to post pictures when you finish it good luck and let us know what design you go with ,
              love and hugs Edwina .x


                Re: Help needed

                As a new quilter is suggest something where you don't have seams to line up, so a coin quilt might be a good start. I'm doing a fence rail type and have struggled with lining up the seams. Just my 2 cents.


                  Re: Help needed

                  An easy quilt that looks hard is the Nouveau Wedding Ring Quilt by Eleanor Burns Signature Quilt Pattern. I made a small lab for practice to make sure how easy it was. It is easy. I made pieced arcs for practice but am making solid arcs for the wedding ring quit present for son's wedding quilt.
                  Practice: 20140109_214413.jpg
                  Pattern: Nouveau Wedding Ring Quilt: Eleanor Burns Signature Quilt Pattern - Quilt in a Day Books
                  I used plain for practice but am using the Double Wedding Ring Printed Fusible Interfacing for son's quilt, it is much easier!
                  Double Wedding Ring Printed Fusible Interfacing Fusible - Quilt in a Day
                  Solid arcs are fast and easy: 20140315_040347.jpg 20140315_050521.jpg
                  Have a Sewonderful Day,
                  Mary T.


                    Re: Help needed

                    Welcome, from Michigan