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Walking foot and quilting foot

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    Walking foot and quilting foot

    Is there a difference between a walking foot and quilting foot

    Re: Walking foot and quilting foot

    If it's a free motion quilting foot, yes. The FMQ foot is used with the feed dogs lowered. You control the movement of the fabric and the length of the stitches. A walking foot is for straight line stitching and feeds the top and bottom layers of fabric at the same rate.


      Re: Walking foot and quilting foot

      I don't think I've ever heard a walking foot called a quilting foot, but it is used for quilting.

      A walking foot is a mechanism that makes it easier to quilt because it grips the fabric on top just like the feed dogs grip the fabric underneath. So both the walking foot and the feed dogs help move the quilt through the sewing machine. Really useful when you are quilting and general straight line stitching.

      A quilting foot could be a few things - a 1/4" foot or a free motion quilting foot.

      The 1/4" foot has a guide that's 1/4" to the side of where the needle would be stitching. Makes it easy to sew a 1/4" seam when piecing.

      The FMQ foot is sometimes called a darning foot or embroidery foot.