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    Quilt Backing Material

    Can I use minkee fabric for quilt backing? I have used cuddle fleece before, and really enjoy it. How much would I need for a queen size quilt, approximately 84"x84" in size?

    Thank you! Happy quilting!

    Re: Quilt Backing Material

    Do you want one or two seams in the backing? If you want one, then buy two lengths plus a little extra for making sure it is long enough on all sides. You may be able to get by with one and a half lengths, but you will have a t shaped seam. I cut one length the full length of the quilt, then cut the remaining yardage in half lengthwise, sew the two skinny pieces together end to end and sew that to the full length piece. I'm not sure how this will work with minkee.

    For an 84" by 84" with one seam, get 5 yards, for the T seam method get 3-3/4" yards. This gives you a 3" extra on the top and bottom, and about the same on the sides.
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