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    Uneven Panel

    Hi I'm new here and new to quilting. I have a question, before I return the panel I purchased at fabric depot, I
    Pre washed my fabric and started on my quilt i noticed the panel is way out, even if I was to cut it into sections it will still be uneven. The other panel was fine. Did I ruin it by washing it first? I'm afraid they won't exchange it because I pre washed. The reason I pre wash is because I was told different thread counts shrink differently. Is there anything I can do to fix it? My husband and I looked and measured and it's a few inches out and there is no way of evening it that we can see.
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    Re: Uneven Panel

    I never prewash any of my quilting fabrics. If you use flannel you would need to prewash. I doubt they will take it back but you could ask. Maybe you could sash it to make it look like it was supposed to be uneven, kind of wonky? Maybe post a picture and somebody will have another idea.
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      Re: Uneven Panel

      You may be able to pull on it and straighten the grain. Years ago we had to do that with all fabrics, according to the home ec. teacher.
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        Re: Uneven Panel

        I was going to suggest getting it wet and try straightening it out.
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          Re: Uneven Panel

          I agree with others here - wet it and stretch it. Look at the grain, does it look like it got skewed in the wash??


            Re: Uneven Panel

            I would wet it and then lay it out on a towel. I would roll it in the towel , but while it's still damp I would iron and starch it into shape. I bought some timeless treasures fabric from that was cut wonky. The only way I could use it was to dampen it, almost dry it, iron and starch it into shape.


              Re: Uneven Panel

              Great, I will try your ideas. I did get it wet again and let it air dry the center pic. In the panel is still crooked but I will try your suggestions