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synthrapol vs color catchers

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    synthrapol vs color catchers

    I am new to quilting. I just finished a lap size tumbler quilt. I used Bee My Honey charm packs and lots of unwashed solid kona flame red fabric. I did a beautiful job piecing the top together. I feel like I have finally done a great job and want to send it out for machine quilting. I don't sew much and I didn't realize that red is known for bleeding.

    What do I do next?
    Do I wash or send it out for quilting first?
    When I wash do I use color catchers or synthrapol or both? I have never used either. Just read about them on the forum.

    I am at a standstill. The quilt top looks great. I would like it to stay that way. But it will have to be washed at some point. Tell me the best thing to do next. Thanks

    Re: synthrapol vs color catchers

    Always quilt before you wash. If you wash an unquilted top it can ravel quite badly.

    I have always just used Color Catchers and had great luck with them. They are easy to use, just toss them in the wash. You used good quality fabrics, and that is a big plus. They normally aren't quite as bad with bleeding as lower quality stuff. If you notice that some colors have run after the first wash do not dry the quilt until you wash again with more color catchers. The heat from the dryer will set the stains.
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      Re: synthrapol vs color catchers

      I have used the color catchers with dark purple and white and black and white (none of these fabrics were quilt store quality. They work great but I haven't tried anything else. Depending on the size of the quilt I would use 2-4 and again don't dry until you feel like the colors have set. I've never had to wash a quilt more than once and you definitely want to wait until it's quilted and bound.


        Re: synthrapol vs color catchers

        I would use Color Catchers. When I dye fabric, I wash it out with Synthrapol or Blue Dawn dish soap. It wouldn't hurt to use that when you wash, but I don't think it is necessary.

        I dyed a bunch of fabric and used it in a couple of quilts. I am very concerned about washing it the first time, but can't until it is quilted. There is a lot of white in it, but I did wash out the dyed fabric well before drying and using it in the quilt.
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          Re: synthrapol vs color catchers

          My understanding is that Color Catchers are a good preventative measure when washing a quilt for the first time or two. Synapthrol is a remedy for when the fabric has run and you need to salvage it. I use Retayne on my batik fabrics prior to cutting, and would do the same if I were working with a strong red.



            Re: synthrapol vs color catchers

            Color catcher do work great after quilt is quilted and bound. I would put 4-6 in just to be sure and depending how big the quilt is.
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