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Questions on Children's hospital quilts

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    Questions on Children's hospital quilts

    For those of you who make quilts for Children's hospitals, NICU and PICU, what size of quilt do you make? Are there any specific requirements? I have found some material that I would like to use but unsure of how many charm packs to use per quilt and how much material to buy. Thank you.

    Re: Questions on Children's hospital quilts

    As far as the hospital I make them for in my group, there is no specific size. These go to the PICU which cares for kids of all ages. One charm pack will make a decent size baby quilt by adding borders. One charm pack will also make a nice sized lap quilt using the falling charms pattern. They not only use the quilts to cover the children they also use them under them because they are much more comfortable than standard bed mats. The only stipulation my hospital has, is nothing tied. They can be machine quilted, or hand. I would say any size for most places are greatly appreciated. Quilts for kids has much stricter guidelines. I have my group for a specific reason. If you would like to join, we would love to have you.
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