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Hand tied Quilt (lap size)

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    Hand tied Quilt (lap size)

    Hi fellow quilters
    Its Sunday night and as I sit here looking at Show N tell Im getting so sleepy. However, I work full time and I really want to stay up a little while longer and sew something. I have tons of PIGS I can work on but tonight I think I will make a small quilt. I think I will use a panel I bought a long time ago, its a whimsical picture of the United States showing the capitals of each state, the state bird, etc. Its totally cute.
    I went to the local flea market about a month ago and a lady sold me a nice throw size quilt, hand tied, for $5. She wanted ten but I spotted a huge stain on the back so she knocked off half. It washed out and I love it. Its about a yard and a half long. Its not super huge.
    I think its the top and back sandwiched with batting and just binded and then hand tied.
    Ive never hand tied a quilt and I have a huge gallon ziploc bag full of embroidery floss that needs something to do! I will try to post pics.
    Also, I love the hand tie video tutorial by Vanessa Wilson, aka the Crafty Gemini
    How to Tie a Quilt Tutorial - YouTube
    P.S. PIGS (Projects In Grocery Sacks) love it! lol

    Re: Hand tied Quilt (lap size)

    I love your projects in a grocery sack ( of which I have several . . . most are really in ziplock bags though). Love those hand-tied quilts. My necktie quilt is completely hand-tied. I have several I've picked up in thrift stores, too! To me, they replicate the quilts our grandmothers made - they didn't have the benefit of FMG and long arm quilting.
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