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    Border help

    Hi ladies...
    It has been way too long since I have been on here, but life has been busy. Please I have been sick with colds most of the winter. Anyway, enough about that. I have a question for you guys. I am having trouble when I put borders on my quilts. Well only done it a few times, but my borders come out wavy and it is driving me crazy. How can I fix this? And what is a good way to avoid this is the future...?

    Any help and ideas welcome...

    I am posting a pic of a quilt top with wavy borders....

    Thanks ladies in advance...I know someone will be able to help...
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    Re: Border help

    This has happened to me too. The advice I got was to measure the width of my quilt ACROSS the middle for the top & bottom borders. Then measure from top to bottom again only in the middle, including the width of the top & bottom borders.
    Once you have those cut then you can sew them on, easing the length along as you pin.
    It works every time for me, no more waves.
    Hope it works for you too.
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      Re: Border help

      Instead of cutting borders from selvage to selvage, cut them along the length of the fabric. No bias = no wave.
      Hope this helps.


        Re: Border help

        I measure the length and width of the quilt in the middle. I then place 2 border strips on top of the middle section from end to end, smooth and mark where to cut. Then measure everything again (both the middle measurement and the border pieces (measure twice, cut once).

        Attach borders, sewing with the border on top. Use some pins and ease the fabric to fit. Gently press and repeat the process for the borders going in opposite direction. Do this same process for each border that is added and for as many borders that you add.