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Ladies... a quilting cunundrum for you..

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    Re: Ladies... a quilting cunundrum for you..

    Maybe a "French Braid" quilt...something like this:


      Re: Ladies... a quilting cunundrum for you..

      Originally posted by Simply Quilting View Post
      What about just making 5 in or 10 in squares or using charm packs/layer cakes to make a simple quilt? My oldest son just wanted solid piece of fabric - no cuts or shapes for the front and back for his quilt.
      My oldest son wanted the same thing! Black Duck cloth on one side, Red Duck cloth on the other. He LOVES it!
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        Re: Ladies... a quilting cunundrum for you..

        Okay... going to make a simple comment on each one of these based on what the 24 year old Brat (his birthday was yesterday) said...
        Originally posted by ilive2craft2 View Post
        What about square in a square or Phoebe's flower box or the updated coin?
        Too busy
        Originally posted by Kgrammiecaz View Post
        Irish chain. Several variations. Maybe he will like one
        too many small pieces
        Originally posted by Hulamoon View Post
        I'm doing this one right now. But I think it would be nice in four colors. Get past the scrappy in the tute. lol

        Scrappy Disappearing 9-Patch Tutorial
        too much confusion
        Originally posted by stationarymom View Post
        you didn't say how old your son is.have you shown him any magazines or a book of quilt blocks? the log cabin is really neat because you can make so many lay outs with it.maybe a carpenters star?
        No Log cabin , no stars

        Originally posted by bonniebella View Post
        Falling charms? My daughter would not agree to anything "too fussy and busy" but liked that one.
        He did say he kinda liked that, but I have made four of those and want to change it up.
        Originally posted by HandsomeRyan View Post
        Double Hourglass?
        OH NO... too much going on
        Originally posted by Shaylene99 View Post
        If he wants something really simple you could just do a Jelly Roll Race quilt top. It could be very masculine.
        He said queen size, I wouldn't even attempt that.
        Originally posted by dwil23 View Post
        What about just 10" squares - no border - very plain, modern. Choose a fabric in each color and lay them out in some sort of pattern or totally random.

        Or....what about the quilt Jenny made with half hexies and strips? I don't remember the name, but it had a gray background and random hexies for a very modern look.
        Too modern

        Originally posted by SandyWhite View Post
        [ATTACH=CONFIG]67423[/ATTACH]What about a tumbler.
        A Big Tumbler... hmmm not just squares... I kinda like that.

        Originally posted by ozziepuppy View Post
        I like the idea of plain squares, tumblers, or jelly roll strips, as others have mentioned. I do think you should show him a photo of what it will look like (the pattern, at least) just to make sure he understands what you are talking about. He may not be able to visualize it.
        Showed him pic after pic last night. LOL

        Originally posted by shermur View Post
        This is what I made for my son:
        That is cool. I could do that like they did the Five & Dime, not cutting, letting quilting sew it down... Have to think on that one,

        And, NOW.... I am off to look at all the links posted. Wow, so much nice help!! I may be able to pull this out before he turns 25!


          Re: Ladies... a quilting cunundrum for you..

          Now to the links I saw.. You all see what I am up against here!!

          Originally posted by auntiemern View Post
          I am to slow too. What about a square in square in a square. Check out the DGD's quilts in my album
          I will show him that, but those fabrics are busy and he may not be able to visualize it in what I would choose for him. LOL

          Originally posted by Jean Sewing Machine View Post
          No... Small pieces.

          Originally posted by pcbatiks View Post
          Here's a link showing a lot of Shadow Box quilts. You could make blocks any size you wanted.

          Shadow Quilts
          There is actually one there I like and I think I could adapt to my restrictions. I need to save that link just in case. Thanks!

          Originally posted by Vonnie View Post
          BQ patterns from Maple Island Quilts?

          I just finished a BQ3 in time for Christmas. 90" X 108". Went together really fast.

          No, sorry... not for him.


            Re: Ladies... a quilting cunundrum for you..

            How about something super modern? Use one main fabric in a neutral color with only a couple of stripes of other fabrics running through it.


              Re: Ladies... a quilting cunundrum for you..

              This is why I never let anyone get a say in the pattern, only the colors. I'd say a Pineapple quilt.
              Joyce "She who dies with the most fabric wins!!"


                Re: Ladies... a quilting cunundrum for you..

                Originally posted by Hulamoon View Post
                Remember this quilt? I saved the picture that a member posted. Sorry I can't find the thread

                Sound like modern and geometric maybe in order. I LOVE this one!
                Just change up the colors!
                I really need to get off the exclamation point.
                It may give people the idea that I'm bright and cheerful all the time....


                  Re: Ladies... a quilting cunundrum for you..

                  I'm starting to think he doesn't want a quilt at all.....