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pressing and setting seams

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    pressing and setting seams

    Please keep in mind that I am a self taught newwwwwbie before reading this post. I am confused about pressing and setting seams. Is "setting the seam" simply pressing the seam with the right sides together? Question 2, do you press open, and or to the side from the back side of the quilt or from the right side of the quilt?

    Re: pressing and setting seams

    You have the definition of "setting" correct. It helps flatten the thread and tighten the seam before pressing it to the dark side, or open. Most of the time it is best to press open from the front side so you make sure you get it all the way open. When pressing it from the back, sometimes you can get a crease where the seam isn't completely open and your block will be smaller than it should be.
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