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Standard-ish finished quilt sizes

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    Standard-ish finished quilt sizes

    Is there a chart rolling around the forum somewhere? I have to think there is, but I'm just not finding it with my searches. Anyone have a link??

    <3 thanks!

    Re: Standard-ish finished quilt sizes

    Someone posted one of these a while back, and I saved it in my user notes.

    Found this and keep a copy in my sewing room - Thought I'd share...

    Common Quilt Sizes
    These are all approximations… depending on the bed itself could determine the finished quilt size… things to consider: drape (will it hang over the edges), pillow tuck, size of the mattress (not all mattresses are created equal, especially those deep ones).

    PLACEMATS - 11"-12" wide by 15"-18" length or 29cm – 31cm by 38cm – 46cm

    MINIATURE – less than 36" square or 91 cm square

    TABLE TOPPER or RUNNER - Square table topper: 36” X 36” or 91cm x 91 cm.

    Table Runner: 12"-18” x 40"-72” or 31cm-46cm x 102cm-183cm. Make a table runner to lay down the centre of a dining table. Lengthen the table runner for longer tables.

    WALLHANGING – any size can qualify for a wallhanging. Be sure to measure the space you want to hang, to be sure it fits. Another thing to consider, the larger the quilt, the heavier it will be, requiring extra support.

    BABY – between 36" X 36" and 52" X 52" or 91cm x 91cm and 132cm x 132cm. This size can depend on whether the quilt will be used in a crib.

    CRIB – between 30"x 46" and 36" x 50" or 76cm x 117cm and 91cm x 127cm. If you are making this sized quilt as a gift, see if you can get the measurements… each manufacturer has their own sizes… and crib mattresses are different sizes too.

    COT – between 58" x 90" and 72" x 108" or 147cm x 229cm and 183cm x 274cm.

    TODDLER – 46" x 70" or 117cm x 178cm for a quilt. A toddler bed most often uses a crib mattress, however not always, so it is best to measure first.

    BUNK – between 66" x 89" and 74" x 103" or 168cm x 226cm and 188cm x 262cm .

    WHEELCHAIR LAP QUILT – 36" x 36" to 38" x 47" or 91cm x 91cm to 97cm x 119cm – adding ties is sometimes a good idea, so they don’t slip off.

    LAP – between 52" – 68" or 132cm x 173cm wide and the length can be from about 52" – 78" or 132cm x 198cm. Although a lap quilt can be any size. A quilt that a child will want to bring along could be as small as 36"x36" or 91cm x 91cm. A lap quilt that is 42"x 60" 107cm x 152cm is great for cuddling up on the couch with.

    TWIN – between 64" – 72" or 163cm x 183cm wide and the length can be from about 86" – 96" or 218cm x 244cm.

    FULL – between 70" – 88" or 178cm x 224cm wide and the length can be from about 88" – 100" or 224cm x 254cm.

    QUEEN – between 88" – 99" or 224cm x 251cm wide and the length can be from about 94" – 108" or 239cm x 274cm.

    QUEEN WATERBED – 76" x 104" or 193cm x 264cm.

    KING – between 94" – 108" or 239cm x 274cm wide and the length can be from about the same, 94" – 108" or 239cm x 274cm.

    CALIFORNIA KING – between 98" x 100" or 249cm x 254cm and 114" x 117" or 290cm x 297cm.

    KING WATERBED – 88" x 94" or 224cm x 239cm.

    Perhaps you would prefer to custom size a quilt for a specific bed. How to determine the size of quilt:

    measure the mattress, length and width, and depth (most mattresses measure 8"-12" or 20cm – 30cm, but the newer deeper ones can measure up to 20" or 50 cm).

    add to each measurement the amount of drop you’d like down the side of the bed (to the floor, to the bottom of the top mattress, to the bottom of the box spring)

    remember to add a pillow tuck (this may depend on the depth of the pillows, and how much of a pillow tuck), if you want a portion of the quilt to tuck under the pillows, and then carry on over top of the pillows.

    Depending on the quilt pattern you are using… your borders could be the drop… for example, if you want a 12" or 30cm drop… add a 12" or 30cm border to your quilt top. You may need to adjust your borders depending on your quilt design.

    A central medallion will need careful consideration.

    Thanks to Hulamoon or this!
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      Re: Standard-ish finished quilt sizes

      Great list Jean.

      I believe that (at least in the USA) new crib mattresses are one standard size though. They are all 52" x 27 3/4" because any gap between the crib and edge of mattress is a safety hazard.

      This may not be true of old cribs/mattresses and there are other "standards" such as "porta-crib" size like Pack and Plays or the cribs used by daycares, but when we were shopping for full sized cribs for Little Man all the cribs we looked at were the standard size.
      Loosely based on a true story.


        Re: Standard-ish finished quilt sizes

        If you google it you'll find a few to choose from. Great list from Jean, thanks Jean.

        You might want to see what size a bag of batting comes in e.g. a cot size and adjust your quilt to that.

        I always just make my quilts and the size depends on the fabric available. My little Gerishas quilt is very small, for example, and would be great in the garden on a plastic chair.

        You could measure the size of your bed and decide if you want the quilt to go over the pillows or stop at the top of your duvet.

        I think what I'm rabbiting on about is - just make your quilt any size you want!


          Re: Standard-ish finished quilt sizes

          Thanks Jean! Holy cow that's a great list! And thanks to everyone that responded!! I appreciate it!