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    Post Missing

    Hi there, I posted a quilting question less than 1 1/2 hr ago and it doesn't show up on "new posts". Why is that and do I need to re-post the question?
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    Re: Post Missing

    If no one responds to your question and many more new posts come in is probably going to the 2nd page or 3rd of new posts.
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      Re: Post Missing

      Was it the one about the remix quilt? I see it.


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        Re: Post Missing

        It takes a while for the "new posts" to update on the main page. Some days it seems to take a lot longer than others. I think might have to do with the amount of traffic, or lack there of, on the forum.
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          Re: Post Missing

          I've noticed that when I post nothing will show up under my new posts until someone responds.