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    Does anyone know what the yardage is for the layer Cake stack or the Jellyroll or the charm pack? Thanks

    Re: Yardage

    This won't answer your question exactly, but check out this site for the #of packs and size of quilts made:
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      Re: Yardage

      If I've calculated correctly it's not quite 3 yards.

      4 blocks across the width of the fabric (4 blocks x 10" = 40")
      10 blocks down the length of the fabric (10 blocks x 10" = 100")
      Divide 100" by 36" (length of one yard) = 2.78 ids

      (There are usually 42 squares in a layer cake. My calculations are based on 40 squares)
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        Re: Yardage

        Interesting question, I've wondered that myself.
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          Re: Yardage

          this works - but it has to be continuous yardage to cut the 10" blocks from
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