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    Call for Help!

    To all of the amazingly talented quilters on this board: I need help!

    I am making the attached quilt. Jada's Quilt.jpg

    The middle panel was not square so I had to trim it a very little bit. I, then, worked like crazy to make the Square in a Square blocks so that there were no cut off points. I knew that I would have to adjust the first border. That seemed easy. Now I find that the block borders don't give room for the first border. On top of that, the side block borders are an inch too short and the top and bottom borders are too long by more than an inch.

    I really think that the first narrow border is needed. If I would attach that and add another block to make the block border larger, that border would be out of proportion and would make the first border wider at the bottom and top.

    Does anyone have a magic solution to this dilemma? It is making me crazy. I really want this quilt to be over and done.

    Any help appreciated. I hope this is understandable.

    'Genie in WV (obviously a novice quilter)

    Re: Call for Help!

    my daughter would flip over this quilt!!!! WHERE did you get the panel and fabrics?

    i guess a tiny sashing between all or every other or third of the square in square may solve the shortness problem - but i can not even think of how to do the math to tell you how wide to make the sashings - would be trial and error, fly by the seat of my sewing chair for that fun..... good luck!
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      Re: Call for Help!

      Northcott Rock n' Roses

      Thanks for the sashing idea. I will think about that.