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Bought fabric.......

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    Bought fabric.......

    Yesterday we went to Lancaster, went to see the Amish and some nice quilt hopefully.......

    My DH and son and daughter left me in a super nice quiltshop, with quilts on the walls and they were all very very pretty.
    I was ready to buy some stuff and saw a beautiful jellyroll, since I never made a JL Race Quilt, I knew what I wanted and got the Jellyroll, it is soooo pretty, I wanted to add borders and found 2 nice fabrics to go with it, went to the Amish girl that was working there and asked how much fabric I would need for 2 border.......she looked at me like I was talking I explained again in my best English
    She looked again at the fabrics and the JellyRoll and said..............I have no idea, I don't quilt

    She was the only girl working in that big shop, so I had no clue what to get......
    I've got 1 yard inner border and 1,5 yard outher border.........anyone know if I have enough?

    I also got a nice jl at Joanns, and 2 fatquarter bundels of 5.....might get some more of both, the fatquarters are flanel and so soft and nice colors!!!
    And 6 quilt magazines.....

    Still having a great time, went to Washington today, tomorrow Cleveland and on to Michigan.

    Hugs to all from Jan, Robert, Roselique and myself.
    (I will include a picture of Jan and I, so now you all have a face to go with the name of my DH, at the Hard Rock Cafe in NYC))
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    Re: Bought fabric.......

    Sounds like you are enjoying your trip, thus far. I hope you brought enough luggage to get all your fabrics home......or plan on leaving some clothes behind!


      Re: Bought fabric.......

      I am sorry to hear about the quilt shop and not getting the help you need. When you get your jelly rolls from joanns, before you leave the area check the jelly rolls. I just purchased two and went to use them for a JRR quilt, but when I openned the rolls they were not cut right. They had a large v shape where the fold was. I ended up returning the rolls and getting something else. I hope you have fun exploring the quilt shops, I am very jealous.


        Re: Bought fabric.......

        I'm sorry I can't tell you if you bought enough fabric for your borders. I think it depends on the size of your quilt and the size of your borders. Hopefully some who does them a lot, Jellyroll Queen Jean, may be able to help you. I usually have a rule when purchasing fabric and I'm not sure how much I'll need. If I really like it, I buy 2.5 yards or meters. It will be used, one way or the other. I hope you continue to enjoy your trip and your F.A.R.T. (Fabric Acquisition Road Trip). Make sure you post pictures of you new addition. Especially being able to visit so many places,
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          Re: Bought fabric.......

          I would leave the clothes behind! Can't wait to see what you create with your haul.

          Fabric = Best souveiniers (how is that spelled?)


            Re: Bought fabric.......

            Klasien, what a sweet picture of you and your sweet Jan. What a wonderful trip this has been for you. I'm so happy you share it with us here. Blessings for you. ~Sheri
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              Re: Bought fabric.......

              Let me see, I attempt to help you. But please ask someone else to make sure I am not telling you nonsense, JRR Queen Jean should be able to confirm if I am telling nonsense or not. If your JR has 40 strips and you are planning on making a traditional Jelly Roll Race, the finished size should be around 50x64 inches. Calculated on this size you should be able to make from your bought yardage an inner border of 4 inches (requires 3/4 yard of fabric, 6 strips to cut) and an outer border of 6 inches (1 1/3 yard, 7 strips to cut). I used the Quilting Calculator app by Robert Kaufman to calculate this. I hope this is correct, please ask for a 2nd opinion

              I am so happy to see that you are enjoying your trip Looking forward to see what you are making out of your shoppings Have a nice time in the US!


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                Re: Bought fabric.......

                You should be fine on your border fabric. Sounds like you are making the most of your trip.
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                  Re: Bought fabric.......

                  I also think you will be fine with what you purchased for your borders......glad you are enjoying the the photo of you and your hubby...looks like a keeper to me!


                    Re: Bought fabric.......

                    You go

                    Way to go girl, sounds like you are having fun in the fabric stores! You'll have plenty of reading material for the plane trip back home!
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                      Re: Bought fabric.......

                      Oh the two of you look so adorable!!!! Glad to hear you are enjoying your trip so far. No help with the fabric as I always chicken out and just buy 4 yards of each (as I will always find some use for the leftovers )
                      Sandy B.
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                        Re: Bought fabric.......

                        Does your wonderful husband know that guy you are hanging on at the Hard Rock?

                        So great to see you both up close and personal. Sounds like you are having a truly fantastic trip.
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                          Re: Bought fabric.......

                          Klasien, I hope you travel with empty luggage to have enough space for all the beautiful "bring homes" ..... have fun and enjoy


                            Re: Bought fabric.......

                            Enjoy our USA!!!! Looks like your having a ball... you are beautiful couple, I can see that!!! hugs, B
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                            that's all there is to Life!"


                              Re: Bought fabric.......

                              Your hubby is as handsome as you are beautiful. I am so glad you are having such a wonderful time on this trip.

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