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Layer Cake and Jelly Roll Amounts?

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    Layer Cake and Jelly Roll Amounts?

    Am new to quilting and this forum so forgive if a repeat question. Just watched a tutorial using layer cake and jelly roll packs. How many of each do I need for a full quilt? Is there a place on this site that gives this infor or how to figure? Thanks so much for help.

    Re: Layer Cake and Jelly Roll Amounts?

    Hi CS........
    Welcome to the world of quilting ....... and don't worry about repeat questions.
    I am new myself and you've come to the best place on the planet .... there are wonderful, helpful, kind quilters here.

    I'm unsure which tutorial you watched but if you use one layer cake and one jelly roll that should make a decent size quilt. You can always add borders and or sashings to enlarge it. The following information came from a book (Crazy Shortcut Quilts) and it says:

    Twin Quilt Size - 60 x 75 inches
    Double/Full - 75 x 75 inches
    Queen - 80 x 90 inches
    King - 90 x 90 inches

    This website might help too:

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      Re: Layer Cake and Jelly Roll Amounts?

      I found this and thought it might help. It doesn't show jelly rolls but it does have sizes and blocks needed for charms and layer cakes.

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        Re: Layer Cake and Jelly Roll Amounts?

        I'm interested if a pattern calls for a layer cake, are they talking 42 pieces? Not all layer cakes have 42.