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Newbie question on hanging a wall quilt

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    Newbie question on hanging a wall quilt

    I was excited to see Sarah's write up and Jenny's tutorial over on Moda bakeshops website. I love, love, love the Valentine's Day wall hanging tutotrial. I want to make it , but I have a question as a newb. Once you make the wall hanging how do you hang it up. I envisioned making tabs out of the backing fabric and sewing those under the binding on the back, but I'm not sure that would work. then i could slide a rod or dowel through the holes and use thread to hang from a nail on the wall. Does this sound feasible or is there an easier way? I'm afraid that the tabs wouldn't lay the correct direction. How do you ladies hang wall quilts? Is there a Jenny tutorial that I haven't seen that explains this great mystery to me.... LOL!!

    Lisa in TN

    Re: Newbie question on hanging a wall quilt

    Hi, I'm not an expert on hanging wall quilts because in all honesty I have never done one. But, the ones I have seen usually have either a pocket or casing on the back that you could slide a dowel through and then hang it on a picture hanger or something similar. Your idea of tabs is something I've also seen. Some people use a regular quilt hanger - there are several kinds available. One that I saw recently that I was intrigued by was a block of wood with a marble inset into a groove. You simply lift the quilt edge into the slot and the pressure of the marble against the weight of the quilt holds it in place. There's a pocket-hole screw inset into the back of the hanger . . . I have my DH working on one but this nasty weather is keeping him from the shop. Don't tell him, though, I don't have a free wall in my house on which to hang a quilt.

    Good luck - do a google search for quilt hangers and see what else you come up with.
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      Re: Newbie question on hanging a wall quilt

      I have one hanging with a rod pocket sewn on the back (top & bottom). Depending on the size of your wallhanging, you can use a thin round curtain rod and two cup hooks. Both items can be purchased at Walmart. You can also do another pocket at the bottom of the quilt and run a second rod at the bottom. This adds a little bit of stability to the bottom of the quilt and will keep the quilt flat against the wall

      You'll need a piece of fabric about an inch shorter than the width of the quilt and about 2" wide. If adding two pockets you need two of these.

      1.Fold ends in about 1/2" and press to form hem on ends of the strip. Fold fabric in half lengthwise. Find the center of the quilt top and the center of the rod pocket. With raw edges of pocket along top raw edge of quilt, match up centers and pin pocket in place.

      2. Machine baste a scant 1/4" along top edge of the quilt . (That way you only have one edge to hand sew since the top edge will be hidden under the quilt binding.)

      3. Apply quilt binding to the quilt. Hand sew in place the folded edge of each pocket.

      4. Measure the width of the pocket plus an inch. Measure down from the ceiling and mark where the cup hooks will screw into the wall based on that measurement. Screw in cup hooks.

      5. Run rod threw pockets and lay top rod in cup hooks.

      This is a really inexpensive way to hang a small quilt wall hanging. It's also very clean looking since you see nothing but the hanging on the wall.
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        Re: Newbie question on hanging a wall quilt

        Thanks Rebecca!

        I am a very visual person, but I think with your step-by-step directions I could actually do that. It doesn't sound too hard.

        Thanks again,