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    Hey ladies. I am COMPLETELY new to this. I just sewed together my first quilt top, and learned how to do that by watching youtube. Now that I have the top sewn, I know that I need batting and backing, but how do you sew all of that together? I mean, I have just a basic sewing machine, and I don't think the quilt with the batting and backing will fit in there. Do most of you really hand quilt it together? Do I take it some where to get done? If so, what is a good/average price for a twin size quilt? I guess I'm confused. I see all of these beautiful designs sewn in there, and I think there is NO way I can do that on my sewing machine. HELP PLEASE!!


    Re: Newbie

    Firstly Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your first quilt.

    You'd be surprised what can be fit under a domestic sewing machine.

    Here are your options:
    1) Hand quilt it...which is an art in it's own right, this can be very beautiful but is time consuming.
    2) Machine quilt it yourself, this also takes some getting used to. Stitch in the ditch and straight line quilting is not difficult and is achievable with good results by most people but free machine quilting takes some practice. This includes you hiring a long arm quilter which can be some at some stores.
    3) Have it professionally quilted, this can be very beautiful but costs money. I won't attempt to answer the question on cost because I'm in Australia so my prices would not be relevant.

    I'm sure some of the other ladies will chime in with suggestions as well...don't go proving me wrong girls.

    Originally posted by KySue1019 View Post
    I see all of these beautiful designs sewn in there, and I think there is NO way I can do that on my sewing machine. HELP PLEASE!!

    With practice I'm sure you could and it can be done on a domestic machine, I know that very many of the top quilters in Australia quilt their own quilts and mostly on their own standard machines, it just takes Practice Practice!

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      Re: Newbie

      Good Morning and Welcome to the group!
      You are going to find all grades and levels of quilters here. And as Lynn mentioned you will get different feedback.
      I have made several quilts mostly hand stitched them although I have done a few smaller ones with a stitch in the ditch method.
      I can't afford to pay someone to quilt for me, therefore I have more tops done than quilts recently. hehehe
      You can use your own machine. There are different discussions on here about quilt as you go, which is a method I am trying to learn myself. Look for the thread about Quilt as you Go here - I believe it has a tutorial. That won't help you now since you already have your first top completed. But good for future reference.
      Lasstly, some local quilt stores (LQS) have their own long arm machines that they teach you to use and then rent it out by the hour. I have never checked into that but it is an idea to look into.
      Have a great day and come back often!
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        Re: Newbie

        Welcome to the forum!
        Like others have said, there are many ways to enjoy this new hobby!
        Blondie sent this site out awhile ago. I thought it was a good resource. It may help along with many suggestions and tutorials here.
        The reading is easy, and the photos helped me a lot.

        Sharing my love of quilting, fun quilt patterns, and great tools and tips. With a healthy dose of thrifting, sock knitting, sewing projects, and lots of other cottage creations. Thank you for visiting Anyone Can Quilt!

        Have fun! Debi


          Re: Newbie

          debi - great link to share with Kylie and anyone else who may not have seen it. It's a great little tutorial.

          Kylie - welcome, and good luck!
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