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    I have some hexagons that I want to make flowers with, just curious about the best way to sew together. I've seen a few tutorials, and everyone does it differently. I used the plastic templates--do I leave the template on and sew first or vice versa? Should I sew the outer petals first and then the center, or work the center in as I go?

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    Re: Hexagons??

    I haven't used plastic in my hexagons, only stiff paper, but I doubt the difference would matter. I leave the paper in while sewing to give stability. I sew each petal to my centre first using a very tiny whip stitch that catches only one or two threads of fabric so that they don't show when folded out. Then I fold the centre in half to line up the edges of two petals and sew them, continuing this way until all petals are sewed to its neighbour. This folding in half may not work with a plastic template though. I hope this makes sense.

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