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What is scrim?

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    What is scrim?

    I have my table topper pieced took me longer to decide on the layout than it did to actually sew it together!
    Anyway, I pulled a rolled package of batting out and it says old fashion needle punch batting, bleached cotton with scrim, needle punched with a thin layer of polyester binding to provide additional strength. No pre-washing necessary for 'antique' style quilt. There is no binding--like a quilt binding, so is it a thin layer in the cotton and that is the scrim?
    The 'profile' is 1/8 inch, which I thought might be good for a table runner? I have had this in the closet for quite awhile, but it feels great.

    Re: What is scrim?

    Scrim is a light gauzy fabric. When light hits it from the front it looks like an open weave type material. If light is shown behind it it looks translucent like fog or looking thru a mist.
    It's also used to reinforce other fabric. It is often used in theater curtains. Again if it is lit from behind is looks like looking through a mist, or fog. If it's lit from the front you can't really see through it. It looks open weave but you can't really see through it. How that applies to quilting must be like a trimming of some sort. It could maybe reinforce a seam. I don't know if this helps or not. Hugs, Jan
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