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Long arm quilting with Minkie ??

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    Long arm quilting with Minkie ??

    An anonymous donor gave a quilt top and Minkie backing to our local Project Linus chapter. I was asked to quilt it.

    I've never used Minkie so have some questions. Turns out the Minkie backing is missing a big square out of the corner

    rough sketch of fabric shape:


    As a result the Minkie isn't long enough for the quilt top unless I do some creative cutting and piecing, so my questions for those who have worked with Minkie:

    1. Can Minkie be pieced? Or are the seams going to be too bulky/obvious?
    2. Assuming I can piece it, I know Minkie is very messy and stretchy, so any special considerations when loading onto my LA frame and quilting (i.e. tension, needle size, thread?)
    3. Any special considerations/advice for binding a Minkie backed quilt?
    3. Or would you recommend I forsake the Minkie and shop my stash for a different backing (I actually have an adorable cotton print that will go well with the theme and colors of the top?

    If you have something that works, use it.

    Seams in Minkie need to be wider to start with, so you want to make sure the seams are open to prevent too much bulk. It just sounds like more trouble than it's worth.
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      Yes, it can be pieced. You just have to brush out the "hairs" (for lack of a better description) in the seam which makes the seam virtually invisible. And, yes, as Katrina stated, you will need a bigger seam. A 1/2" should be plenty.
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        I load Minnie on the longarm with the selvedge edges attached to the leaders. Don’t pull it tight under your top, it should sag a bit. It quilts up nice. I usually try not to piece it.


          I do the same as Jean. If piecing, just make sure your "nap" is in the same direction. With the shape of that corner, it looks like someone was attempting for it to be a square cut our of corner to do a self binding, where you cut out that corner to miter the corner.
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            Thank you all! I've decided to swap out the Minky with a cute fabric in my stash. I figured as inexperienced as I am with Minky, this one would have just a few too many challenges for me to take on all in one shot LOL. I'll save the minky for another (smaller) quilt in the future.


              For the next time.

              Lay a piece of batting tape across the back of the fabric at the cut line first. Then cut the seam. The tape helps avoid stretching of the fabric edges. Hope that makes sense.
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                Thanks, that's a great tip!

              Look at Candi's Quilting Corner on Facebook. She just posted a quilt today using minky for the back. I know her from Parkland Parish, and I believe she lives on Woodland just up the hill from 72nd.

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