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    I have chosen a pattern to do and looking at it closer I need to cut 45 squares 7 7/8 by 7 7/8. Why would someone do a pattern using 7/8-so should I cut it at 8" and be done with it or cut it at 7 and 3/4-7/8 is really a hard thing to cut. If I cut it at 8 I can only hope I have enough material.

    Oh dear!

    I think it would depend on the other parts that go with it.

    Are there other pieces cut at 7/8?

    If not, go ahead and cut at 8 inches.

    Just be careful about getting into a mess with other parts of the pattern.
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      It's hard to say without knowing what block you're making. If it's a block that can be squared to the correct size after sewing it, I would cut it at 8". Assuming, of course that you have enough fabric.
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        Are they HST's? That could explain the 7/8 measurement.

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          Thank you for your responses. I guess I should have given more info. The pattern is Checkmate by Free Spirit. All of the squares are 7 7/8.
          Fabric A--(9-) 7 7/8 x WOF sub cut (45) 7 7/8 squares. It says basically the same for fabric B,C,D,E,F,G the only difference is the amount.
          Fabric H- is for the binding. I should have read the pattern before ordering the material but I know that there are a lot of great quilters on this sight so a sure I will get good suggestions. Thank you.


          • Bgualtieri
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            Looking at the pattern, ( I have no idea why they are wanting all the squares to be 7 7/8”. If you have enough fabric I would say cut at 8”. It doesn’t have borders so that won’t be a problem. Alternatively you could cut them at 7 ½ and the quilt will be a little smaller (3/8” x the number of blocks).

          it is that size due to being metric, the squares are 20cm,
          are you sewing each little square together or is it fabric that has squares design on?

          can do the squares to the nearest inch or 1/2 inch line on ruler that your happy with, depending on your fabric amount of course, whether your happy with the design on fabric being at a different size.

          if sewing the little squares together to make a larger square you may like to watch a video for method

          hope this helps


          • Grey Lady
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            Wow! I wouldn't have thought of that in a hundred years.

          • Hillbillyhike
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            Me neither, and I live in Canada and use metric often lol! You're so clever, T!

          a good pattern will tell you what the finished size of each piece should be after sewn together. that way you could cut at 8 inches, sew and trim. do a test with scraps and see how it works if that information is not provided. good patterns always have all info you need. Good luck.


            Thank you ladies-I never thought about metric but only that 7/8 was a very odd number to do. They are all squares with no design on the fabric other that poka dots. I think each piece of fabric is 1/2 yard so will see what I can get out of each square being 8". I have an 8" accuquilt but have learned that you do waste a lot of material using that so while it would be much easier to 45 8" squares with that I may do it the old fashion way. Again-thank you.


            • jwchristy
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              Or just cut 7-3/4” squares. Easier than 7/8”

            I bought a Creative Grids 7/8” ruler several years ago and have used it many times. I bought it at a quilt shop but I’ve seen them on Amazon. Mine measures 5 7/8” X 11 7/8”.