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Woolies Flannel Colors Vol. 2 10" Squares

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    Woolies Flannel Colors Vol. 2 10" Squares

    Could I use woolie flannel and cotton 10" squares in the quilt top?

    Personally I wouldn't mix flannel and regular cotton fabric on a quilt top. Several reasons:

    1. Flannel behaves different than regular cotton fabric, it stretches more, and also shrinks more than cotton, so the finished/washed look may not be pleasing .

    2. Having made a few flannel quilts, I learned (the hard way), that it's best to use a larger seam allowance than the 1/4" (I ended up using a 3/8" seam allowance on the last quilt) we are use to using. So again, if you blend the two types of fabric, you may need to adjust your pattern for the extra seam allowance.


      I've mixed the two and never wonky. The first one, the squares are a flannel charm pack. The applique is is cotton on cotton as well as the border is regular cotton. She's 6 now and been loved a lot ...still looks great!


      The second one is on my bed right now ..its a combo of flannel, fleece, corduroy and homespuns. Still great, no issues.
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        I saw the flannels and thought of the same thing. They looked lovely but i didn't want to have to buy more to make a quilt.


          I hoped it would sell out before I came back. I have many of the woolies flannel in yardage, and need to get to those before I buy more. I prefer to wash my flannel before I sew it up and so, I tend not to buy pre-cuts. I have mixed flannel & cotton, but not on the same side. I think if both fabrics are washed beforehand and the quilting is tight or close, it should not be a problem.

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