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Using panel for baby book

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    Using panel for baby book

    I purchased the “My ABC Book - Alphabet Vintage Panel” with the thought of making a baby’s cloth book. However, the ABC blocks aren’t printed on the panel in the usual book fashion. I am interested in ideas for how to build the panel pages. For example, should I cut the blocks apart with as much room as possible to turn under a hem and stitch them on plain fabric two across - in an order which comes together in ABC fashion? Is there any other suggestion? I’m not sure the panel is still available on MSQC so I’ll try to post a pic. Thank you.
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    I'm not sure that particular panel lends itself to a cloth book. Most of the panels for books specify if it's for a book. Since that panel is printed horizontally, you might want to cut the blocks apart & make a rectangular quilt vertically. If you need more blocks, you can insert some coordinating children's fabric.


      I agree....doesn’t appear to be a panel for cloth book. However, if you just scrapped the main title page or fuzzy cut to same size as letter blocks, cut the letter blocks out separately and sew the Blocks back to back in alphabet order, it would still make a cute book. You could always design your own title page and personalize it. Just my 2 cents.. it’s a darling panel..
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        You could put A and B right sides together, and turn out. For each set of letters. I'd put in gromets and tie together with a ribbon if you really wanted it as a book.

        Or cut the 'pages' and sash to make a baby quilt.
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          I used to make these when I ran my daycare. You could do two panel squares for the alphabet. I would take A & B place C & D on the other side with batting on the bottom sew around leaving a turn part. Turn. Sew around. Do the next set and so on then I would sew a line thru the middle creating the book. They were cute..I wish I would have kept them.


            Donna Jordan did a video about a panel quilt. Not sure if this is what you want or not:

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              I've made a couple of books for babies. You can make a book from that panel. Here are a few tips.

              You may want to add sashing strips around each "letter" block. You could also add sashing on one side that will be the side for attaching together.
              Cut the panel apart as large as possible. Fuse a fusible batting onto the back of the block. I cut the batting so it fits right in the seam line to prevent bulk.

              Remember: The first page has the button hole on the left side of the page.

              The back side of page 1 will need the button hole on the right side of the page.

              I also add a strip of stabilizer where the grommets or button holes are going to be placed. It will prevent fraying.

              Then you layer the the page with either the next page or backing fabric RST (right sides together). Sew together leaving about 4 inch opening to turn.

              Before you turn the pages right side out, iron the seam lines. It will help with making a better closure. Top stitch around the pages for a nice finish.

              For button-holes, mark them "horizontally" across the page. The ribbon ties through the pages. Be sure to measure and mark the same spot on all the pages.

              Consider the sashing strips for the button holes to prevent them happening in the print areas of the blocks.

              Good luck!


                Here are the links to some helpful ideas for you.


                This one uses a different layout for the pages.