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    I just started a coin quilt with pizzaz but my blocks are not coming out square. Sewing 4 jelly roll strips together gives me 8.5". I've cut those into 5" pieces for a 8.5 x 5. Tutorial says to use 2" strips on the sides but that would give me a finished block 8.5 x 8. I didn't see a note about trimming the block so I'm wondering what I've missed🤔

    I'd have to see the pattern. But 5 inches adding 2" on each side should add up to 8.5. Of the 2" strips your only losing 1/4 of an inch on each so 5 + 1 3/4 + 1 3/4 = 8.5. Hope that helps!


    • Granny Fran
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      Also you would be losing the 1/4 inch on the 5 inch side.

    • Momofmonsters5
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      Oh you're right!! See before coffee I should not do math!! So the pattern is wrong you would need 2 1/2" strips then!

    I looked at the comments instead of watching it and someone wrote 6 yrs ago

    I cut the strips 5 inches as tutorial directed. Cut the black strips 2 inches as directed. I went to put the pieces together and they did not match. When i went back to the tutorial there was a notation that the strips should be 5-1/2 inches. I had to compensate by cutting the black strips 2-1/2 inches. Wasted black material since I had to recut. Quilt turned out nicely afterwards.

    I'll ad that some of these tutes are quite old and they hardly ever do corrections or do-overs. just in case this happens again. 😊
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    🌺 Lorie


      Yikes! I think MSQ should have someone go over patterns with corrections and change things. it shouldn't be like that forever. gets missed by customers as this post shows.


      • Hulamoon
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        Squeaky Wheel. lol

      You're right ... there should have been some notation on the video itself. Like a warning block superimposed in the upper right corner.

      Possible solutions are:
      Re-cut the strips to 2 1/4 inches to square the block to 8 1/2" OR
      Keep all of the 2" jelly roll strips and remake the coin stack and cut to 5 1/2" OR
      Just trimming off 1/4 inch from each end of the coin stack. It made the blocks a bit smaller but really not noticable and I could use all those side strips I pre-cut to 2". (Should mention it was a baby quilt.)

      Hope that helps!