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Hot Cocoa Bar kit cutting issues.

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    Hot Cocoa Bar kit cutting issues.

    I just started the kit for the Hot Cocoa Bar table topper and have noticed issues with the cutting directions. Several times I had to go back and cut an extra strip because the initial amount wasn't enough. I think the mistake was they were going off 42 WOF, but only included a fat quarter. I think this was mostly for fabrics E and F, but didn't take notes, so not sure.

    Most annoying though, in the piecing order #2 the D strips are a full inch too short. Of course I didn't realize until I sewed on the corners to my top and bottom strips of the blocks. Has anyone else noticed this or did I make a mistake somewhere? I have reread the instructions and still come up short and without enough fabric to cut full pieces to fix the issues. I could add an inch piece to each strip, but that just adds more seams. Help?

    Hi, welcome to the forum from TX!! I downloaded the pattern and read the directions. It makes sense, I think you cut wrong or missed a step. Under #2 it says to trim all bordered squares to 8 1/2" so they should match perfect with your 8 1/2" strips and the cornerstones fill in to make the block.

    I would measure your pieces to see if I cut wrong. It happens to all of us. I did a row by row one year and one row no matter what I did it would not come out like the directions. I even called the store and they said it had been tested and no one else was having problems. Ugh I made it work. Still bugs I have no idea what I was doing wrong. I made that thing 3 times.

    It's super cute!! I have a huge round permanent kitchen table in our rental. I might use the pattern it would be perfect!! I hope I helped you!! This is a great forum full of knowledge and experience. I hope you keep coming back!


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      Ah ha! THANK YOU! I knew it was probably my fault and I had missed something. One little line... 😁

    I did a search for this here and came up with nothing. did one on the internet and it is here after all. also on bearcreek quilting.