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    Dresden quilts

    I have fabric I've been hoarding for a special quilt. You can't buy it anymore. So I picked a pattern by accident it's an Irish chain with dresdens in the open spaces. It calls for a layer cake and I have enough fabric but it's not adding up. What am I missing?. I'm using st paddys day fabrics. I have the Stonehenge st paddys set of fabrics which you can't buy anywhere. Question...anyone made a dresdens quilt? I really like the look of 5' blades. Below is the pattern. I also want to add half dresdens to the open spaces in the border. I just want to make sure I'm going to have enough fabric. I read and read the pattern, I don't feel it's complete. Thanks in advance ...Rachel

    hmm, can't get it.


      Jenny has done a few tutorials on the Dresden......Here's one of the "Quilt Snips" (these are videos showing how to make a particular quilt block the simplest way possible :
      Quilt Snips :

      Then of course Jenny has several videos showing how to make the Dresden and different quilt patterns.
      I think this is the very FIRST video that Jenny did showing how to do the Dresden :
      Here's probably the 2nd Dresden video Jenny did in
      Aug 13, 2009 :
      ************************************************** **

      Feb 10, 2010
      Dresden Turkey December 3, 2009
      ************************************************** *
      October 27, 2010
      Dresden Turkey Pattern :
      IF you go to the Quilt Tutorial Page and type in Dresden Tutorials, you'll find quite a few that Jenny has done over the years. You might also go to You Tube and type in "Dresden Quilt Tutorials" and there's more from other quilters on YouTube as well

      Hope this helps!

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        Well, first off, the blades are 4", not 5. You use a charm square for the centers. Maybe that is where you are off
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          Also, there are 18 centers but only 13 squares are needed for the center?


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            I count 13 centers

          What part isn't adding up? Pattern, fabric amounts? Do you have the amounts called for in the pattern? If so, you should be good. I counted 20 blades in the block and the pattern calls for 20 also.

          I would make a sample block first to see how it goes together. How will the pattern work if you change the blade sizes?


            It was hard to see the pattern. It wanted me to sign up for an email. I like the quilt and hope you have enough for the project.


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              Just need to scroll up beyond the 'subscribe' bit

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              The thing with Bloglovin is you just sign up once and you can view all the bloggers that use that platform. i never get spam from it, only if you sign up for certain bloggers individually.

            I think it will work with the 4" blades, that extra 2" you cut off the 10" squares are where the little squares for the Irish Chain come from.

            A 5" blade wouldn't give you any left overs for the Irish Chain... but I think that's already been said above, so I'm not adding anything new to the conversation... just avoiding my chores. sigh.
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              I can't add anything that wasn't suggested, just that it's so pretty and now i want to make a dresden quilt. It's that hand sewing though, i would never get it done that way. I guess i need to check out my new machines applique stitches!
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                15969086316846620941498794115886.jpg Thanks everyone!! I'll do the 4" I really want to incorporate the irish chain. I had been saving the fabric. I have yardage so I was questioning, it would suck to get half way through cutting any not have enough.
                redcaboose thanks for the links. I did a quilt I designed with the Turkey's love it!
                Lori I don't hand tack dresdens I've always used the machine to tack them down. I use stabilizer too I like a smooth finish. Thanks again everyone ..I might have been over thinking to cut!! I'll be fussy cutting the print for the centers. I appreciate all the feedback!!
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                  Thanks again, I felt stupid today as I didn't click the right link for the tutorial so I wasn't getting the full thing. I cut fabric all day, I only have the centers left. I'm excited about this one!!


                    Thanks, that is a really good tutorial on bloglovin but oh my it sure looks like a lot of work! I have never seen that combined with an Irish Chain, it's going to be great. I have a 100 year old dresden top that I inherited and it is on my winter quilting list. It even has a row of dresdens all around the perimeter, and it is so pretty. Good luck cutting I hope you have enogh of everything. Love your fabric choices too!


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                      That must be wonderful!! Yes I had enough fabric!! I was worried because I'm taking it a step further and putting half dresdens in the border and quarters in the corners! I was actually going to ask a question about the centers. I think I've I decided to hand sew these down. I usually do raw applique. I have an aququilt go with the circle die. Is it easier to do the 5" then put it around the 4 inch cardboard or am I creating more work? I don't do applique by hand too much or is it less of a pain to do the interfacing way? Like lori holt and eleanor burns. Thanks!!

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                      I agree on the tutorial. It even has the layout. Pretty foolproof for someone like me that has never tackled so many pieces. lol

                      i think this would make a great wedding quilt!

                    Rachel, the problem with trying to make a circle by using interfacing is that it is very difficult to sew and turn a perfect circle. You would almost certainly end up with some flat edges and points. Here is one method to make the center:


                    Could you maybe cut a few layers of freezer paper using your accuquilt? Or perhaps cutting paper would risk dulling the accuquilt die.


                    • Momofmonsters5
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                      Thanks!! I have a roll of freezer paper. No worries with the die.

                    I'm going to agree on the interfacing. I have never used it on all the kids clothes I made.

                    I just watched the video above and I would make a template out of an aluminum can. Then you could iron on it. I was making Spinners from them and there is a tute on how to flatten it out.
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