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    Help with measurements

    I'm designing a small quilt for a gift. So I started with 20 charm squares and decided I would sash them to make it bigger. Then I decided to add a good size border to make it bigger. Since it's a solid blender I thought ok, I'll add applique to the border that relates to the charm squares. While looking online for the images to print to do the applique of course I come across the perfect block to use as a center medialian for the quilt.

    So here's my question, the block is 10 1/2" square. To keep with what I want to with the sashed charm squares in a 4 x 5 layout. I'm trying to figure out what size the sashing should be. I wanted to brainstorm here to see if my math is correct. 10 1/2 block so the row to attach would be two charms with 2" cut sashing to finish at 1 1/2". I hope that was easy to follow. I know I could do a sample but honestly I really don't want to.
    My last question I just thought of, the block has a background and the sashing will touch the block, would you do the background the same color as the sashing? Would that be color overload?

    sometimes it's a blessing and curse to design your own quilt as the vision is in your head!

    Thanks in advance!!
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    Rachel...that depends on how you want your layout to look. And, it helps to know the maximum measurement you would not want exceed. I too have been where you are and adding a medallion to a quilt is challenging. I would print out several grid papers and draw it out. But, remember to make your medallion the size that will be easily divisible by the charm pieces. For example, You might have to add a co-ordinating 1.5 border around the 10.5 medallion block to have a 12.5X12.5 measurement.

    Regarding the layout of your charm squares....4X5 layout may not work when adding the medallion block. I am adding my first medallion quilt for inspiration....

    And if all else fails, piece the medallion block and build the charm squares (with to without sashing) around the center. I hope I didn't confuse you, sweetie. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

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    "Don't let someone else's ugly spoil your beautiful. " Thanks, Bubby!!!!!!


      Graph paper is your friend. If you don't want to make a sample block, start sketching. Or invest in EQ.


        I sketched it out last night, I think I have it now. Thanks so much for your help!! Shermur thanks, I scetched it out and realized it'll be a 4x6. I'm excited!


          I had to read your post even though I am seriously math challenged but I was curious! (I always make my dh do my math.) I have figured out many quilts not with graph paper but by cutting units out of newspaper and taping them together, something I learned from my 82 year old neighbor who taught me how to quilt. She was truly old school. The only tools she had was scissors, cardboard, newspaper and a 12 inch ruler her kids used in school. Not even a mat or rotary cutter.