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Pineapple quilt question

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    Pineapple quilt question

    I'm sure this is a dumb question - can you use a jelly roll instead of a honeybun with the pineapple ruler Jenny uses in the tutorial? I want to use batiks and they don't come in a honeybun. Will jellyroll be a lot of waste?

    Update: Thanks for all the input. I'm going to make a block from scraps & devide where to go from here. Maybe fat quarters or just yardage. Appreciate everyone's thoughts & comments!
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    No that is not a dumb question! But idk the answer. I would call or email M and see what they say.


      I don't know why you couldn't. It would just make the quilt larger.

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        I agree it would make the quilt larger. The look will be a little different because of the wider strips. Do you have any scraps that you can use to make a test block?


          I have the ruler Jenny used. I do not recommend using a jelly roll. It will not make your quilt larger, because you trim after every round. The ruler is designed to use strips 1.5 - 2" wide. I used scrap 2.5" strips on a sample block, and there was a lot of waste.


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            So, I’ve been having trouble using the ruler with 1.5” strips, around round 4, they’re too small and there’s a gap of about 1/4” that starts throwing everything off... the ruler directions mention 1 3/4” strips... I was considering a jelly roll, if nothing else but to have perfectly accurate rounds...

          without the pineapple template mentioned,
          am sure you could make pineapple blocks with 2.5 strips, just need to work out the triangle size, or square to sew a triangle from.
          Am thinking a pineapple block is a log cabin block each round has added triangles for corners?.
          so the triangles could be sewn from squares. perhaps even sewn twice to make bonus hst while making the block, perhaps that would make an interesting border.

          then again could go smaller cut a 2.5" strip of paper, then cut strip in half, stitch together using your normal seam allowance, to see if that is big enough for you to sew,
          and to work out is the fabric pattern will shine in a strip that size.
          In theory using a 2.5" strip in half does twice as much in quilt, the quilt be smaller.

          If have yardage could go any size strips even larger inches if have a triangle template big enough or square template with angle lines.
          could draw the size block want on paper and work out from there if have precious fabrics, do not forget to add seam allowance to strip sizes before cutting.

          Even draw it out on paper, printer copy then foundation paper piece the block.
          have fun.