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Aurifil 28 wt breaking when hand quilting

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    Aurifil 28 wt breaking when hand quilting

    I'm hand quilting and the Aurifil 28 wt thread keeps breaking on me! I've changed the needle and I've made sure that I'm threading the needle with the thread that comes off the spool first. It's the first time I've used this thread (usually use Gutermann, but I couldn't find a color that matched). I'm wondering if the thread is bad (but it is a new spool I just bought), or maybe I need to use beeswax? I've read both pros and cons with using beeswax. Some say it discolors the thread and leaves a residue. I'm not sure if that would wash out or not. It's so frustrating having the thread break on me and I'm now wondering about the integrity of what I already have quilted. Anyone had this happen or have any ideas?

    I usually use a 30 wt thread (Treasures line) from Superior Threads, which is a little thinner than your 23 wt. I am not crazy about Aurofil and honestly I can't remember why, but I do not have any. I know hand quilters get used to one size needle (well me anyways) and use that size all the time. I think that might be your problem, needle size. If you are using a #10 needle could you switch to the next bigger size,#9? I have used both beeswax and thread heaven on my thread. Thread Heaven is softer. I don't always use it and it is invisible on your thread. I have never noticed it discoloring a quilt and assume it washes right out. Mostly it prevents your thread from tangling. I like a longish quilting thread, about 15 inches so without using the thread heaven, a thread that long sometimes gets knots or tangles.


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      Thanks, jjkaiser! I just used about 15 inches or so with a #8 (I don't have a #9 and I was using a #10) and no breakage! I'll keep using it and see how it goes. Thanks for filling me in about the beeswax. I was thinking it helps make the thread stronger, so it's good to know it's to keep it from getting tangled. Next time I may try the Treasures from Superior. I like using the Aurifil on my machine, but now I'm not a fan of hand quilting with it.