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HELP!!!!!!!!!! Premade Binding

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    HELP!!!!!!!!!! Premade Binding

    First off I want to thank the people who responded to my other post.

    I cannot find anything on this even on YouTube!!! when I Google this I come up with binding a book!! LOL .( or it shows how to use homemade binding)

    Premade double folded Bias binding
    I am trying to find a way to use Premade store bought binding. I am having trouble with it. I cannot figure out how to make a corner with it. (wife is EBay NUTS!!) she found a HUGE!!! lot of bias binding, I always make my own and have no experience with it. I tried to use it once it came out baaaddddd. no matter what I tried it did not go along the edge properly. (would not lie flat along edge of quilt and making a corner LOL no way!!) after I was done the binding did not feel full. Apparently it pulled away from the edge of the quilt. it was a gift for someone and the Mailman was on his way I am embarrassed to say I was forced to ship it out like that. As much as I wanted to tear it out, sigh

    I cannot figure out how to make the corners either with this type of binding any help learning how to use premade bias binding would be greatly appreciated.


    Ps also have single fold binding I need to learn to use also
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    Re: HELP!!!!!!!!!! Premade Binding

    Jenny has a tutorial on binding and does a corner that looks mitered when done. If you watch it it may help with the corner. A friend of mine used pre made binding on something and said she wouldn't use it unless she absolutely had too. Any way if I'm not mistaken with the pre made you sew the short side on first then flip it and do the other side. The cornering should work the way Jenny does hers. The other thing you could do is go to ask the msqc girls on the forum and ask them. I'd check the tutorial first. I bet it would work. Hope this helps. If not maybe pdjewlery could help. Her name is Suzi. She is on the forum too.
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      Re: HELP!!!!!!!!!! Premade Binding

      Here's the video of Jenny doing her binding. If you have a look through she shows you how to do really neat corners.

      I'm not sure which kind of binding you have. Is it folded in half so it's double thickness? If so you can follow the tutorial as it is. If it's folded so that each side is folded in you need to open it up and sew it along the back of the quilt (see picture below). You can do the corners the same as the tutorial. Then you fold the tape along the seam/fold line and fold the other side up and hand sew it to the front.

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        Re: HELP!!!!!!!!!! Premade Binding

        I agree with Jan and JR. You can open up that double fold and use Jenny's tutorial and get a great mitered corner. Good luck!!