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    Suggestions needed

    This is laid out on my pingpong table and ready for next step. I'm concerned about moving to sew together. How do I do that without stretching it out of shape?
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    Quilter's Rules:
    #1 Buy fabric - no matter how much you already have.
    #2 Sew all day and all night - no cooking allowed.
    #3 Start a new quilt before the last one is finished - must return to #1.

    I assume you are referring to basting the layers together? If so, I'd flip it.

    Normally we would lay the backing down first, then the batting, then the top last. In this case I would lay the top down first (face down), then spray with basting spray, next lay the batting down carefully and spray with basting spray, followed with the backing.

    If you're a "pin" baster, I would still lay it down in the same order as I mentioned above, then pin (using about half as many pins), flip and pin again using the normal amount of pins, then you can remove the pins from the backside.

    Beautiful top by the way!


      Gently roll it up on a pool noodle...
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