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Premade double folded Bias binding

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    Premade double folded Bias binding

    Hello yall!! I am trying to find a way to use Premade store bought binding. I am having trouble with it. I cannot figure out how to make a corner with it. (wife is Ebay NUTS!!) she found a HUGE!!! lot of bias binding, I always make my own and have no experience with it. I tried to use it once it came out baaaddddd. no matter what I tried it did not go along the edge properly. (would not lie flat along edge of quilt and making a corner LOL noway!!) after I was done the binding did not feel full. Apparently it pulled away from the edge of the quilt. it was a gift for someone and the Mailman was on his way I am embarrased to say I was forced to ship it out like that. As much as I wanted to tear it out, sigh

    any help learning how to use premade bias binding would be grealty appreciated

    Ps also have single fold binding I need to learn to use also
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    Re: Premade double folded Bias binding

    I only used the store bought binding one time. I think it was the double-fold and I don't remember too much trouble using it - in other words - I don't remember wanting to toss it in the garbage can. I do think though, that it felt thicker than the binding I make myself. I don't even remember if I opened it up and then sewed it down - I guess if it was double-folded that I probably did. Sure wish I could help you out - maybe there is a tutorial on here that can help or someone with much more wisdom than me can.
    Good luck - it's no fun to be frustrated.



      Re: Premade double folded Bias binding

      It is just like using blanket binding. You know the stuff I am talking about on regular blankets?? My Grandmother's and Mother would always replace worn out binding with new on good blankets. So I learned at a young age how to do this. The blanket binding is very slippery, so it is pin pin pin. I use the pre made double folded bias on all my quilts and place mats and table runners. I find it works great. I am just not real good at mitered corners yet it takes me a while And I am even worse at making my own binding You can find info on you tube using double fold bias.

      Hope this helps!!
      Jan G
      Jan G :icon_wave: