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Can they machine quilt over my zigzag stitches?

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    Can they machine quilt over my zigzag stitches?


    First off, I want to say thank you to everyone that replied to my last question about the charm packs. I saw this morning that my husband made a MASSIVE order from MSQC....and I'm so excited! I have no idea what he got...and he has no idea that I!!!

    So my next question is....

    Is there any reason my quilt wouldn't be able to be quilted?

    I like making block quilts. Just a bunch of blocks sewed together. BUT I like doing decorative zigzag stitches on ALL the seems to outline all the blocks.

    With the zigzag....would MSQC still be able to quilt it? The zigzag is only on the quilt top.

    Question number 2!!

    Instead of ME doing the zigzag on only the quilt top...does anyone know if MSQC would be able to do the zigzag for me to attatch the batting and backing?

    Thank you IA for your replies!


    Ps. I'm going to try to upload a pic of what I'm talking!

    Re: Can they machine quilt over my zigzag stitches?

    I'll bet you are just bubbling over with excitement! It would be hard & fun for me to pretend I didn't know,
    but I'd DIE wondering!
    If at first you DO succeed, try not to look so surprised.