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Help I've made a mistake

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    Help I've made a mistake

    Hi All,

    I'm in bits excuse the pun !

    I have just sewn all my Jelly roll strips five in each row and started to cut them 10" across but have now realised that when sewn together my 10" will be 9.5" across but with the height still 10"

    Am I being too predantic will people notice they are not quite square.

    Please help

    Sorry if this is a silly question but I'm blind here with no pattern or instructions - just mad keen to get started

    Best wishes


    Re: Help I've made a mistake

    if I am reading this correctly. if it were me I would take the smallest block you have when you are all done making them and square it up and make sure all my blocks are that size. I have had to that more than once. good luck and post pictures of your projects. would love to see them


      Re: Help I've made a mistake

      I will assume you did your cross cut at 10" (this being the expected finished size) when in fact your strip width would have been 10.5" (still having the last seam allowance included). The crosscut needed to be the same as the actual strip set width, that is 10.5" in order to be square. If this is the case then first consider how many you have cut as to the best option. One option is to resew the seams a smidge further in to reduce the overall block width by that 1/2" (tedious if there are lots to do) or trim the 1/4" from each side of the block to reduce that 1/2", this will get you a square block but with the 2 outside strips will be slightly narrower.

      It will depend a lot on your intended pattern/layout/design, do the blocks need to be square. If you are using them in a way that doesn't need them to be square then don't worry about it but if they need to be square for the design to fit together then consider the options. I'm sorry I don't think there are too many ways to fix a cutting problem.

      Good luck, I hope you are able to sort something out, it would be a shame to not be able to do something with them. If all else fails make them into a Chinese coins quilt or similar and start your other project again. or use these as a border for your quilt.

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        Re: Help I've made a mistake

        Remember that you take a 1/4" off of EACH side with your seam allowances. So it might look funny at first. I really don't like the math part of quilting!
        If you want to double check, you can always make your stitch length the longest possible and baste a block together. It is really easy to pull that out.
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