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  • Sewbee
    Re: 3D quilting

    Hi Brantfordgirl,

    Could the lilies have been appliqued to the quilt? I've seen quilts that use lots of applique on the blocks that give it texture, depth and 3D dimension. They make the stems, leaves and flowers separately and then fuse or stitch them to the quilt in layers. There are probably lots of ways to add layers of fabric in specific designs that are attached to the quilt by decorative stitching or embroidery. Just a quess...if you have a pic of the quilt I'm sure others can tell you how it was done. I'm sort of new to quilting too so not sure about a gathered triangle.

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  • Brantfordgirl
    started a topic 3D quilting

    3D quilting

    Good afternoon - I have a question regarding dimensional quilting. I saw a picture of a quilt with flowers on it - lilies to be exact. The top of the flower looked as if it had a gathered triangle for it's stem end. How is this done? After staring at the picture am I right to presume that it is an extra square folded in half? MSQC girls could you please do a tutorial on dimensional quilting?