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    I have made tshirt quilts before without problems, but my daughter brought me a box she wants done. Half or more are bike jerseys and technical or drifit T's, really stretchy polyester. On top of that, they don't stick we'll to the Pellon stabilizer. You iron them on, they stretch wrinkle restick etc. aaaaargh. One of the T's is her Ironman, such a huge accomplishment and I don't want to mess it up. Even if I get this pieced it will be a nightmare to quilt. Any one with ideas or experience with this fabric?

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    It truly sounds as if you have your work cut out for you. I think I know the fabric you're describing and can honestly think of no way to handle it with ease. Baste it in place before trying to iron the stabilizer on the back?

    Good luck with this. Sorry I can offer no secrets.
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      Re: Help!

      I am at a loss. That is a huge job. My only thought is doing it by hand.....not my thing
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        Thanks Sandy. I will try that. I'll let you know if I find an answer.


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          Thanks Suzi. Worst case it gets tied and not quilted I guess.


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            I'd be afraid to even try to iron most of that fabric as it might melt.
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              Re: Help!

              - if you need to iron the Tee's -- put parchment paper over the design - or a teflon sheet (15x20) - either one will work . .
              either one WILL stick to the design - so peel away from top left corner - towards to bottom right corner - and peel
              away evenly and slowly - peel while hot --
              also . . if using iron on stabilizer -- sandwish the shirt between the parchment paper or the teflon sheet . .
              -- do a test shirt before to start on the Tee's that are being used for the quilt -- so you get a feel for what the parchment paper or teflon sheet will do . .

              oh if the design starts to peel aways from the shirt -- 1- its not a good quality design/tee it will end up peeling and/ cracking after several washing -- I wouldn't use it in the quilt
              or you can -- put heat back to the design and use a credit card or something and smooth the design back in place
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                Re: Help!

                Thanks Diane and Karen. I was really worried about melting the fabric so I have maybe kept the iron too cool. I have tons of scrap to practice on. I feel guilty throwing it all out! I just got a new batch of
                Pellon and that seems to be working better. Maybe the first bunch was not sticky enough for some reason.


                  Re: Help!

                  I have seen it done and I spoke to the designer and this is what I was told

                  Every piece had been laid onto very fine nylon net hand tacted down then the net was trimmed to the pieces of material.
                  Next step was to quilt it by hand in a very small/fine gride pattern just the two layers your materail and the nylon netting.

                  Next step make cut those pieces into your blocks.
                  Next sew your blocks together very very carefully by hand sewing untill you have you quilt top.. It's not easy.

                  Then layer your batting and bottom layer and pin it like mad very closely.


                  Tact it together with long tacting running stitch.

                  The comes the real quilting - quilt by hand, using the grid you already sewn but this time sewn your grid in the spaces.

                  Once you are happy you go back and very carefully unpick your very first quilted grid, So now you only have your quilting you want rather than two lots of quilting.

                  I've never tried it myself but I wrote down what the designer said she did and one day I'm going to have a go myself.


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                    Re: Help!

                    Wow. That sounds like more work than I am willing to do! But maybe I can incorporate some of those ideas. Thanks so much.