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What to do with a Honey Bun

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    What to do with a Honey Bun

    I bought a honey bun by mistake, thinking it was a layer cake. So, what can I do with it? The strips are narrow, 1 1/2 inches I think, and I need some ideas of what pattern(s) to use it for.

    Thanks, Pat

    Re: What to do with a Honey Bun

    These are all the honey bun recipes. Just scroll down and click 'review older posts' to see more.

    Also, look at jelly roll ideas, only they will be smaller. Hope this helps.


      Re: What to do with a Honey Bun

      I see Tonya beat me to directing you to Moda's Bakeshop; here are a few more links.
      One is to stash manicure contributor:
      see what she did with her honey buns

      Then here is a link to look at the variety of books dedicated to honey buns and jelly rolls. I know there are more than these - just a quick look. Makes me HUNGRY!

      Good luck. Have fun
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        Re: What to do with a Honey Bun

        I'm working with a honey bun right now. I decided to make a log cabin lap quilt with it. I found a large piece of fabric in my stash that matches the honey bun I'm using. Out of that fabric, I cut 2 1/2 " squares for the center square. I take one honey bun and sew it to one side of the square.
        with a pair of scissors, I cut off the excess and then, clockwise, I add another honey bun to the next side of the center square. Cut off the excess. Continue this process clockwise until you reach the size square you want. Super easy!!!!!

        I divided the strips into groups and have them hanging on hangers close to my machine so I can see what I have and to keep them from getting all tangled together.

        I was hoping to make a single bed quilt but one honey bun won't be enough. Two honey buns would do it.
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          Re: What to do with a Honey Bun


          Great idea, thanks. And I looked at the Moda site and others that were suggested and found a couple of good ideas.