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Hancock Seam Guide Bargain!

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    Hancock Seam Guide Bargain!

    Just thought I would share the bargain I found this weekend. I went to Hancock's to look around and found some of the Scotch Removable Strips that make a great seam guide (for those that need one). They normally sell for $4 to $5 and they were .80 cents a pack at Hancock's! They were in some discount bins with other things. So I dug around and found 4 or 5 packs. That should last me a long time.

    So if you're heading to Hancock's and need a seam guide check it out!

    Screen shot 2016-06-27 at 11.48.31 AM.jpg

    Here's the link to me previous post with a link to Bonnie Hunter's post.

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    Re: Hancock Seam Guide Bargain!

    Thanks I will try to get to my local Hancock and look for them.


      Re: Hancock Seam Guide Bargain!

      I don't have a local Hancock's