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    I posted on another thread that I'd been working on a TARDIS quilt and I wanted to start a new thread so I wouldn't hijack the other person's thread. So I'm going to attempt to post my progress so far. :-)

    The link for the quilt design is:

    Quilts of a Feather: TARDIS Quilt design

    If you look on her website she has more pictures and info on how she made it along with one that she made from a panel. The one she made from a panel has some incredible quilting including the weeping angels in the windows and some phrases in Gallifreyian on the door panels. She also made a Van Gogh Starry Night inspired Dr. Who quilt that's really cool.

    Anyway, I did mine slightly different. I used her measurements for the door panels and then added the strips between the door panels and on the sides by treating them like borders (so I measured the center of the quilt and then cut them that length). I also did paper piecing for the windows instead of appliqueing the window panes. I'm only about halfway through so I haven't worked through everything yet, but I'm planning to paper piece the light as well instead quilting on the lines. I have the design for the paper piecing in a word document if anyone wants a copy.

    So I just wanted to put all the details in one place for folks that might be interested in making one. It looks really complicated at first, but it's actually been pretty straight forward. I've only made a couple quilts before this so I'm still quite a beginner myself. I'm happy to answer questions if I can and the lady who designed the quilt is also very friendly.

    Ok, I hope I can post these pictures....One is of the door panels with the strips in between and one is where I'm at now which is the blue box without the light or "police box" on top or the platform on the bottom.


    Re: Dr. Who Fans

    Wonderful! My dd is a huge Dr. Who fan and would love this!


      Re: Dr. Who Fans

      Awesome job! You've certainly put some work into that. All those maths!!!! lol.

      I have one question though. What does TLDR stand for? I'm still learning all these abbreviations.
      I'm not a complete idiot.....some pieces are missing!


        Re: Dr. Who Fans

        That is fabulous! I wonder if my son would enjoy one.....hmmm or my dh - I know I would want one!

        Originally posted by LorraineRob View Post
        What does TLDR stand for?:
        TLDR - Too Long Didn't Read - she put all of the stuff that was up in the wordy part in one place, so you didn't have to go search for it.

        M*QC forum is full of the best people!

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          Re: Dr. Who Fans

          I think its "too long didn't read". I think it just means that she is listing all the final amounts in case you didn't want to go through all the calculations.

          I know it looks like a lot of math, but once you get through one of the door panels, its pretty easy to do the rest. And after that its mostly just strips.

          I forgot to mention that I also decided to make mine wider because its for my husband. So mine will be about 53x72. I left the tardis the same and just made the black background wider.