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waterproofing fabric products have used

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    waterproofing fabric products have used

    Thought would add this here for info
    have used 303 fabric guard on
    a sunbrella pop top surround, which actually stopped a windy heavy pelting rain from pouring in on us, but sunbrella needed removing to apply.
    tilley hat (had some left)

    once the wash/ cleaning has happened, cheated and washing in machine with 303 cleaner and the fabric guard applied (used a sponge gloves and worked in) 303 does take many hours to dry. Once dry does not smell. The water beads off have used this on a floppy tent every year for 10 years we washed and reapplied, unfortunately it works rather well, after a down pour everyone started walking about, then a sudden gust of wind covered them in the water droplets off our tent. we used to apply to coats fleeces ect. but the local seller closed down so stopped using.

    both products work, both need instructions following, both need the fabric to be washed with their cleaner first.
    both cause water droplets to sparkle on the in the sunshine

    There is also odi coat, fabsil, and back in the day thompsons water sealer made for fences, not used these products so cannot comment on outcome.
    Hope helps someone,

    I have not tried these. Good to know if I ever need them. Thanks, T!
    Hike ~ BC, Canada

    Rainy days are for quilting. Thank goodness I live in a rainforest! 😁


      Thanks for the information!