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Quilt Snips ......Baby Boy Quilt !

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    Quilt Snips ......Baby Boy Quilt !

    Here's the newest "Quilt Snips "!!.....This is easy, and cute and I think I am going to make this into a baby quilt.

    A few years back I watched Jenny do a tutorial on this Sail Boat block....( it's also in the BLOCK magazine ...Sorry can't remember which volume or issue right now though ) and I thought it would be really cute to make into a baby quilt back then, and wondered if it would look okay if it was made in minky fabrics or not.....Anyway, I am going to "TRY " it.....

    BTW....right now, my PC is on the fritz....DH John was messing around on my PC which has Windows 10, and he has been told over and over again by the guy who fixes OUR computers ( John has W7 or W8 I don't remember which one, the only thing I remember is that John doesn't like W10) and he has insisted that DH John not try to put more than ONE security on my will mess up Windows 10 if you do that.
    ( DH JOHN believes the more security you put on the PC the better.....and the other day when I was out, he put on McAfee, Norton, and another on I can't remember....and you guessed it, Tuesday AM my PC wouldn't do a blasted, now I am without a PC for 3-4 days !!!
    Actually I am using John's PC....and it's so different than my W10....that I am having trouble remembering where things are!
    So, if you find words that aren't spelled right etc. it's because of his PC....not to mention his keyboard is completely different than mine. I have a VERY expensive KENESIS KEYBOARD which I love and have had for years !

    Anyway....just wanted you to know my PC is on the isn't because I suddenly stopped remembering how to type or how to spell.......

    Enjoy the MSQC QUILT SNIPS !!! many of you what these Quilt Snips and absolutely love them ?
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    Re: Quilt Snips ......Baby Boy Quilt !

    I love quilt snips! Whenever I'm at a loss for what to make - usually for a baby quilt! - I browse the snips & get ideas.

    I do tech support and please forgive me, but I laughed out loud at your fellas ideas about security! For what it's worth, I've never paid for any of those - I use AVG's free version and, other than their pesky reminders to buy the who suite, I've never had any security issues; -)